Motor owners are required by law to acquire a motor insurance policy covering them against their legal liability to others for death, bodily injury and property damage. Our motor insurance cover provides to its clientele the following.

  • Comprehensive cover: This cover is a combination of the Third Party and Third Party Fire and Theft covers but adds accidental loss or damage to vehicles.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft cover: This is an extension of the third party cover but additionally indemnifies policy holders for loss of/or damage to vehicles through fire and theft.
  • Third Party Only cover: This cover aims at indemnifying policy holders against their legal liabilities to the third parties for death or injuries and/or properties damaged.

Unless specifically excluded in the policy, GUA provides this cover to its cherished clients protecting them against sudden, unforeseen accidental loss of or damage to their assets as a result of Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Theft, Earthquake, Tornado, Flood, Civil commotion, Riot, Malicious damage, Impact, Aircraft, etc. during the period of insurance.

Our burglary insurance policy covers loss of or damage to contents or stock arising out of a forcible entry or exit.

Bid Bonds

GUA offers this cover to all clients who wish to tender for projects. The bond cover guarantees the owner of the project otherwise known as the principal that;

  • The bidder/contractor shall remain in the bidding process until contract is awarded.
  • The bidder/contractor shall sign the contract to perform as agreed.


Advance mobilization

This cover is issued to contractors as a guarantee to any amounts of monies received in advance from the principal of a project to mobilize resources to begin a project.

Customs Bond

Clients are offered this bond to guarantee to CEPS that all duties payable on imported and exported goods are honored. Other forms of guarantees include transit bond, re-exportation bond and exportation bond, warehouse bond, removal bond, customs agent bond, etc.

Performance Bond

GUA herein referred to as the guarantor or surety ensures that the contractor awarded with a contract completes and satisfies all requirements to the contract within the agreed period of time. GUA upon failure of the contractor to perform will be called upon to pay the bond values.

Our travel insurance policy provides cover to travelers against medical and other expenses, acute sickness, personal accident, repatriation of insured’s corpse or ashes to Ghana, loss of baggage, injury, etc.

This policy provides cover against damage to insured’s property arising out of fire, flood, lightening and explosion, earthquake, windstorm, malicious damage, impact, tornado, riot and civil commotion, strike, Bursting or overflow of water tanks, etc.

Properties that may be insured under this policy may include buildings, fixtures and fittings, electronic or electrical items, stock, furniture, etc.

This policy indemnifies employers (insured) against financial losses caused by the dishonesty of employees in connection with their occupation.

GUA provides cover for the erection of machinery. At the request of our cherished clients, cover may be extended to damages to machinery during the testing period too. Policy commences upon the immediate unloading of the items to be erected at site and ceases upon the commissioning of machines.

Owners of goods and transport are offered this cover to protect them against loss or damage to their goods while in transit within the country. Our policy covers losses arising out of fire, theft or accidental damage to the carrying vehicle.

GUA provides this cover against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to insured’s items necessitating their repair and/or replacement. All types of machinery, plant, mechanical equipment and apparatus can be insured under this policy.

We provide both marine cargo and marine Hull insurance.

  • Marine Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance caters for loss of or damage to goods at sea. It compensates owners of merchandise for losses in excess of those which can be legally recovered from the carriers. Losses may include fire, shipwreck, storm, etc.

  • Marine-Hull Insurance

Our marine hull policy covers loss or damage to ships, fishing vessels, crafts and their machinery. The policy also caters for legal liabilities to property damages and injuries.

Our liability insurance is designed to relieve our insureds of their liability incurred as a result of operations of their businesses. They can be classified into four main areas:

  1. Public Liability: this policy provides cover for any awards to members of the public for damage to their properties or injury caused by insureds.
  2. Product Liability: This policy covers insured’s legal liabilities resulting from defects in products manufactured by them.
  3. Workmen’s Compensation: This policy caters for employer’s legal liabilities to employees against occupational injury and diseases. It also covers medical expenses and all costs and expenses incurred with the Company’s (GUA) consent in defending any claim for such compensation.

Our Personal accident and Group accident insurances provide a 24 hour cover for our insureds compensating them or their legal representative for death or injury arising out of a violent, accidental, external and visible means.

We provide this cover against risks associated normally with a construction project

Our policy purposely designed for you caters for the following:

  • Insured items on site against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage arising from any cause except specifically excluded.
  • Liabilities to third parties for accidental bodily injury or death.
  • Liabilities to third party for accidental loss of or damage to their property as a result of the contract

GUA recognises the significance of a home and its contents to every individual. This is why we have designed this policy specifically for our insureds to protect them against losses or damages caused by fire, lightening, earthquake, explosion, riot, strike, civil commotion, bursting, or overflowing of water, aircraft, accidental damage to underground water or gas pipes etc. The policy could as well be extended to include loss of a accommodation and / or loss of rent, personal accident, etc.