About Us


Our Vision

Our world characterized accelerating any change. Revolutions in info technology or life sciences, consumer behavior.

Our Mission

We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges opportunities posed by globalisation & technology.

Our Core Values

Our company, consultants and project work are defined by six core values, which form an integral part of our identity.

Strengthen Trust And Transparency

We work closely with you to control and mitigate the business risks your company faces everyday – internal, external, and ever changing.

This holistic risk approach results in the transparency needed to enable businesses to inspire trust and be prepared to act on opportunities. In a very complex business ecosystem, trust is a two-way street.

Companies need confidence in the controls and compliance capabilities of their partners, vendors, and suppliers.

  • 360° Approach

    Our strong conviction is that if a business is to be only optimized, it’s to be optimized in a full cycle manner!

  • Low Risk Attitude

    We clearly understand that you want not to lose, but to earn more money over your period of work with us.

  • Fast Paced Diligence

    Due diligence is one thing. But we’re trying to deliver the most fast paced business assessments diligence.

Gold Coast Era : Early Beginnings

GUA started as an insurance division of UAC (now Unilever) when Northern Assurance Company of Britain appointed UAC as its chief insurance agent

1962 : Crusader Insurance

It ceded its life business to the Crusader Insurance Company

1972 : Commercial Union AssuranceCompany Ltd.

40% shares from Northern Assurance Company was sold to the Ghanaian public after National Redemption Council passed a decree (95) for expatriate insurance companies to be incorporated in Ghana. This led to re-registration of Northern Assurance Company to Commercial Union Assurance Company Limited of Ghana.

1976 : Ghana Union AssuranceCompany Ltd

The decree was amended and made it necessary for the government to acquire 20% shares of the company thereby making Ghanaians majority shareholders (60%). This led to another name change from Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd. to Ghana Union Assurance Company Ltd.

1982 : Assumed ownership after Commercial Union Assurance Company

Ghana Union Assurance Company Limited assumed ownership after Commercial Union Assurance Company of United Kingdom sold its interest to existing shareholders in the year 1993